Fun Mandarin Chinese Day Camp
We also have “Continuing Mandarin Chinese” )

“Fun Mandarin Chinese” is a fun and supportive Day Camp for children 8 – 15 with a diversity of backgrounds in Mandarin Chinese. Students will be grouped according to language proficiency and age.  

Campers will learn Mandarin Chinese Language and Culture through songs, rhymes, traditional arts & crafts, dancing, stories, and fun games.

Not only will they learn to speak some Mandarin, they will also come to understand some Chinese traditions and culture through ancient legends and folk tales, and appreciate the beauty of Chinese art and music.

Throughout the classes, children will be introduced to the “Pinyin” (phonetic, i.e. sound-based system of writing).  Pinyin is the Standard Mandarin Romanization system used in Mainland China for teaching Chinese school children to read, and it is widely used in teaching materials designed for Westerners who wish to learn Mandarin.

Our activities begin with basic concepts of numbers, colors, daily vocabulary, and simple greetings.  Overall themes include body names, family members, animals, foods, festivals, and so on.

Our supportive and engaging teaching methods utilize unique creative ideas to make our lessons enjoyable and educational.  Our purpose is to give campers a fun and enjoyable language learning experience. 

We have been teaching English-speaking children and adults and also Asian children whose parents want them to be truly bilingual, for years.  We have adopted western teaching methods and second language learning strategies along with traditional Confucian teaching (respect, patience, consistency) to inspire and instruct our campers.

Monday – Friday
Option 1: 9:00am – noon
Option 2: 9:00am – 3:30pm  
 ( sessions have different themes and materials for new and returning campers )

  Where: Monterey, CA

This Day Camp is designed & developed by a native Mandarin Chinese teacher and tutor and a University Professor.  Our methods follow the learning theory of Stephen Krashen’s “Language Acquisition Theory” .  According to this, and common sense, by creating an environment of natural communication and meaningful interaction in Mandarin Chinese, children can learn this language as easily and comfortably as they’d learned their first language.   Fun and engaging activities fill the bill!

*Krashen, Stephen, Principles and Practice in Second Language Acquisition, Oxford; New York: Pergamon Press (1982)